Trimble® R12i — a new angle of productivity.

With Trimble ProPoint GNSS technology and new Trimble TIP tilt compensation


The Trimble R12i delivers unmatched GNSS performance, speed and accuracy to boost your productivity like never before. With improved performance in challenging GNSS conditions and robust IMU-based tilt compensation that lets you forget about leveling the pole, you'll get more done faster than you thought possible.

Introducing the Trimble R12i GNSS Receiver

NEW Trimble TIP Tilt Compensation Technology


IMU-based tilt compensation

Calibration-free Inertial Measurement Unit based tilt compensation with immunity to magnetic interference

Reach hard to access points

Easily obtain accurate measurements on obstructed points like building and property corners or utility inverts

Stay out of harm's way

Safely capture points in hazardous locations like the edge of an open excavation or on roadways


Built-in automatic integrity monitoring

Have total trust in your system with real-time IMU anomaly detection and alerts

Watch the pole tip not the bubble

On-screen stakeout instructions guide the pole tip directly to the design point. No need to repeatedly adjust the pole tip position and re-level the receiver when measuring points


Trimble® ProPoint GNSS Technology


More than 30% better performance in challenging environments*

AccurateA precise solution for repeatable results.

ReliableReal time error estimates in Trimble Access that empower the surveyor.

ProductiveFaster convergence means less time spent measuring points in the field.

*In head-to-head testing with the Trimble R10-2 in challenging GNSS environments such as near and among trees, and built environments, the Trimble R12i receiver performed at least 30 percent better across a variety of factors, including time to achieve survey precision levels, position accuracy and measurement reliability.
Trimble R12i GNSS Receiver Designed in the USA A look inside the R12i
Trimble R12i GNSS Receiver Designed in the USA A look inside the R12i

Trimble R12i features at a glance

*Challenging GNSS environments are locations where the receiver has sufficient satellite availability to achieve minimum accuracy requirements, but where the signal may be partly obstructed by and/or reflected off of trees, buildings, and other objects. Actual results may vary based on user's geographic location and atmospheric activity, scintillation levels, GNSS constellation health and availability, and level of multipath and signal occlusion.


8 mm H / 15 mm VReal time kinematic precision

Android & iOSPlatform support for BYOD workflows

2 cm H / 5 cm VCenterPoint RTX precision

672GNSS channels

Receive & TransmitWideband UHF radio, up to 2 Watt

IntegratedGNSS antenna


Create the complete Trimble R12i solution

Pair the Trimble R12i with a rugged Trimble field controller running Trimble Access 2020 field software for a complete workflow solution. Back in the office, process your data with TBC to create high-quality deliverables.

R12i: Surveyor Field Test
R12i: Speed Test with TIP Technology
R12i Tutorial: System Overview
R12i Tutorial: Measure Points with TIP Technology
R12i Tutorial: Stakeout with TIP Technology
R12i Tutorial: Measure at Extreme Angles

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